Bohumil Hrabal’s Too Long a Solitude: an intimate discussion on a chill and rainy night

The night was chill and rainy, but the crowd was intimate and eager to discuss Bohumil Hrabal‘s Too Long a Solitude on Monday, Feb. 6.

The dystopian novella, first published in samizdat in 1976, is a Czech classic. Acclaimed author Robert Pogue Harrison moderate the discussion. The Stanford professor who is Another Look’s director writes regularly for The New York Review of Books and hosts the popular talk show, Entitled Opinions, joined by Stanford Prof. Hans Ulrich “Sepp” Gumbrecht, a European public intellectual and a prolific author, and German Prof. Karen Feldman of the University of California, Berkeley, whose research explores the nexus between literature and philosophy.

Another Look fan David Russel from Stanford’s Radiology Department shared his 1951 Czechoslovakian car, a Tatraplan, also known as the T600, outside Encina Hall. According to David, “The car has always been a very positive attention-getter and it is fun introducing people to the third oldest car manufacturer (Mercedes and Peugeot are older) which happens to still be in business. Very few ‘Car People,’ even the serious ones, are aware of Tatra’s longevity.”

Our loyal Another Look aficionado and photographer David Schwartz recorded the discussion between in the pictures below (and don’t forget to check out the podcast on the toolbar above). 

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