How to donate

Many of you have asked how you might contribute to the future of Another Look. Now is your chance! We have started a tax-deductible Stanford account where you can make a donation to support our ongoing efforts to share great books that have been forgotten, overlooked, or simply haven’t gotten the attention we think they merit. We appreciate your generosity!

Here are two ways to donate: the first is a check by mail. The second is an online donation.

1. Make a donation by mail

Make your check be payable to Stanford and note on the check that the donation is for “Another Look.” Send your check to:

Patrycja Nosek, Finance Manager
Division of Literatures Cultures and Languages
c/o Another Look Book Club
Pigott Hall, Building 260
450 Jane Stanford Way
Stanford, CA 94305

2. Make a donation online

To make a donation, click this link. Choose the following drop-down options (we include a screenshot showing them below). Add  “DLCL – Another Look” in the comments section of the online form.